6 Steps for Planning a Great Party 

Parties are once a year event that families and friends get together. The feeling of seeing the people you love in the same place is overwhelming. That’s why if you are throwing a party, you should plan thoroughly so everything is at its right place. Doing a riverside party planning is a time consuming task, but it’s going to be really worth it. This article will help you plan your next amazing party.  


Step 1: Pick a Place 

The first thing to do is a pick a place appropriate for the kind of party you’re having. There are choices you can put in your list. You can conduct at a friend’s house, your house, park, specific restaurant or anywhere suitable. Just make sure the space is suitable for the activities you planned. If it’s going to be a big party, make a reservation at a venue of your choice.  

Step 2: The Date and Time of the Party 

If you’re organizing a birthday party, most of the time it’s going to be on that very day. If you have guests who have school or work during the morning, evenings are the great time. Most parties organized are during dinner. Whatever date works for you, make sure that your guests are free. Call them to know if they have others planned during that time. Give your guests a heads-up of the duration of the time so they can prepare about going home or not.  

Step 3: Decide on a Theme 

A great party has an amazing theme. Think about the occasion and the suitable theme that gets everyone intrigued or excited. If everyone doesn’t have the luxury of time to prepare, you can set a black and white theme. You can also deviate from the usual clothing party, where you ask your friends to bring chocolates or wine or sandwich for everyone to taste. A tasting party is really fun. If the party is a get-together party, it’s okay to have no theme. But be creative, still.  

Step 4: Plan the Guest List 

The kind of party you’re having will determine the size of the attendees. If it’s a birthday or wedding party, prepare to invite a lot. Consider the venue and how many people can fit in there. Not all guests are the same, so you should determine how you can accommodate their interests and levels of social comfort. Plan the space, especially if your guests are of different age groups. Determine too if you want your friends to bring other people.  

Step 5: Decide on a Budget 

You have to budget well if you’re having a party, small or big. Determine how much you’re going to spend for the decorations, venue and foods. If it’s a get-together party, you can deflect the costs by asking your friends or family to chip in. Ask certain people to being plates, drinks, foods, ice and cutlery.  

Step 6: Inform Your Guests 

Once you finalized the plan, get the word out. You can send them invitations through email or through social media. A nice poster will do. You can invite your guests personally, or text them and call them. The day before the party, confirm if they’re coming or not.